Gene Expression


PaGE (Patterns from Gene Expression)  v.5.0.1

PaGE (Patterns from Gene Expression) is free downloadable program for microarray analisys. PaGE can be used to produce sets of differentially expressed genes with confidence measures attached.

Partek Express  v.1 1

Partek Express is a streamlined, easy to use software analysis tool designed for scientists who are new to gene expression analysis. . The software supports complex experimental designs with multiple experimental variables including paired designs..


REST 2008  v.2.0.7

REST 2008 is a standalone software package for analyzing gene expression using real-time amplification data.

TaqMan Protein Software  v.1.0.1

TaqMan Protein Assays help quantitate protein expression using gold standard TaqMan 5' nuclease chemistry with a workflow and sample quantity similar to our TaqMan Gene Expression and MicroRNA (miRNA) Assays.

LeMoNe  v.2.5.1

Gene expression data analysis made easy. LeMoNe is for Learning Module Networks from gene expression data. The purpose of the LeMoNe program package is to create a module network from expression data. The end result is a set of gene clusters

MeV for Mac OS X 4.6.2 r2536  v.2536

MeV or Multiple Experiment Viewer is a Java tool to help you with microarray gene expression data analysis.

MeV 4.6.2 r2536  v.2536

MeV or Multiple Experiment Viewer is a Java tool to help you with microarray gene expression data analysis.

Cytoscape  v.2. 8. 2002

Cytoscape is an open source bioinformatics software platform for visualizing molecular interaction networks and biological pathways and integrating these networks with annotations, gene expression profiles and other state data.

CLC Main Workbench  v.6 2

CLC Main Workbench aggregates user friendly gene expression analysis with all features of CLC Protein Workbench, CLC RNA Workbench, and CLC DNA Workbench in one integrated software package.

GenMAPP  v.2.0

GenMAPP is a free computer application designed to visualize gene expression and other genomic data on maps representing biological pathways and groupings of genes.

MRNA by SNP Browser  v.1.0

'mRNA by SNP Browser' is an interactive package that provides graphical overviews of whole-genome association studies of datasets with very rich phenotypic information, such as global surveys of gene expression.

SynTReN  v.1.1.3

SynTReN is a generator of synthetic gene expression data for design and analysis of structure learning algorithms. Create synthetic gene expression data fast and easy.This network generation technique offers a valid alternative to existing methods.

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